2019 Season – Destination: Deep Space 2019 Season
Destination: Deep Space

Our 5th season was a hugely successful year for us - our first time making it to Einstein and a season finish a single point away from being World Champions. We made significant advancements in our manufacturing - using components that were CNC fabricated in-house for the first time, and implemented a new path following algorithm on our robot. Celt-X managed to bring home a medal at every official event and every level of play - from our first district qualifier, all the way to the Einstein finals - we were either finalists or winners in every competition!

Destination: Deep Space is the name of the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) challenge. The game involves two alliances of three teams each competing to preform various tasks before their rocketships leave planet Primus. For the first fifteen seconds, driver vision is impeded by a sandstorm, so they must rely on pre-programmed instructions or control their robot with the help of a camera. After the sandstorm clears, alliances must place "Cargo" (rubber balls) in their Cargo Ships and Rockets and seal the balls in with "Hatch Panels". Finally, the robots must climb to safety onto a two foot "HAB Platform" at the end of the match. More information can be found on Wikipedia.

Buzz – The Robot

Quick Facts
  • Name Buzz
  • Status Retired
  • Size 32" W x 40" L x 85" H
  • Weight 121 lbs

Robot Abilities

More information on each of Buzz's subsystems can be found in Meet the Robot.

6 wheel, two-speed West Coast drive
Flips down to intake Cargo and assists with climb
Elevator travels downwards to act as a jack for climbing
Omni wheels which help centre Cargo on the rocket. To score, the kicker pushes the Cargo out of the box
Carries Cargo straight up from the floor, through the elevator, and finally to the box
Cargo holder that rides along with the elevator. Can score Cargo out of the back of the robot
Hatch Mechanism:
Spring-loaded Hatch Panel intake that grips panels through the middle
Path following with waypoints, computer vision based targeting
  • 2 hatch right rocket
  • 1 hatch left rocket
  • Achievements
  • Finalist (Henchmen)
  • Autonomous Award (Voodoo Doll)
  • Quarter-Finalist
  • Finalist, Einstein
  • Winner, Archimedes
  • Alliance Captain, Archimedes
  • Ranked #22
  • Finalist, Technology Division
  • Autonomous Award
  • Finalist
  • Autonomous Award
  • 2nd Seed, Alliance Captain
  • Winner
  • Industrial Design Award
  • 1st Seed, Alliance Captain
  • Meet the Robot

    To learn more about Buzz's subsystems, click on the green pins.

    A CAD model of Buzz